Spencer McCall: Filmmaking in a Post Truth World

Director Spencer McCall joins us to talk about documentary, narrative fiction, and everything in between. We first met Spencer after he created a film about The Jejune Institute, an alternative reality game in San Francisco. Since then, he continues to work on so many projects that blur the lines between truth and fiction or use controversy to create meaningful messages, and we talk a bit about the responsibility to the filmmaker and the audience when creating this kind of work. Spencer tells awesome stories, so get ready for a great ride and hear some really interesting discussions.

In the spirit of mystery, we’ll leave it to you to learn more about Spencer on the interwebs ;)

ALSO, we want to continue to promote our Indiegogo campaign for our short film Paper Birds, written and directed by Lauren Finerman. Please spread the word and donate as you are able. It’s an ambitious project and very unique and wonderful story.




Adrian Elliot: The Filmmaker's Responsibility

This month we are visited by Adrian Elliot. Adrian is a director and longtime friend who we've had the pleasure of working with on many occasions. He shares his story of how he found his way into filmmaking, and we talk a lot about the responsibility of the filmmaker to tell stories that are full of truth - and that doesn't only have to be documentary work. During the conversation, we use Moonlight as an example of a film that is doing this today. We talk philosophy, process, and intention. It's a fun episode!

Adrian's short film "Ditch" is making the festival rounds at the moment. Check out the trailer to that film here: http://www.vimeo.com/adrianelliot/ditchtrailer

See more of Adrian's work on his website: http://www.adrianelliot.com/


Tej Virdi: The Social Side of Cinema

New year new episode! Kicking off 2017 is our good friend Tej Virdi, a bay area gaffer. Tej talks with us about how he got his start, how he thinks about lighting, and how important the community and social aspects of filmmaking are to him.


Mackenzie Mathis: History, Mystery, and a Sea of Noise

It's been a very difficult year, and unfortunately we are still experiencing tragedy and loss. The events this past weekend around the Ghost Ship artist collective workspace are truly heartbreaking and our hearts go out to everyone affected. We wanted to take a moment to offer a resource for support:


Our guest this month is Mackenzie Mathis, a filmmaker who wears a lot of hats. He stopped by to discuss his latest film, Ten Eleven O Two, and to get philosophically deep with us not just about film, but about the world we live in, and the space around us. We talked about the social aspects as well as the isolating aspects of making movies, as well as what drives and inspires Mackenzie in his work. Get ready to get deep!

You can see Ten Eleven O Two on Vimeo on Demand:

As well as more of Mackenzie's work:

Thank you.