"Punch it, Chewie"

Welcome to the new French Press Films. 

Rather than give you a metaphor about us being caterpillars and bursting from our cocoons into triumphant butterflies, I’ll say we used to be on the Enterprise—moving forward slow and steady. But now we’re zipping past asteroid fields in our Millennium Falcon. And we just hit lightspeed.


Huge, huge thanks to Peter Nowell for designing our new site. It’s got new work, fancy fonts, and a clean design. Better yet, our new logo is in the works.  

We started off our year with fresh blood joining our ranks. We’re happy to welcome Bay McLaughlin, Operating Executive, here to French Press Films. Bay has been instrumental to our new direction. He also has a cocktail bar set up in his house. 

We’d also like to welcome Maggie Hebron, our kick-ass Account Manager, to the team. She has a dog named Louie, who is adorable. 

Our video for Uber launched just this week already with the acclaim of VCs and tech-savvy folks. Uber reached out to us because they wanted an opportunity to tell their own story, instead of hearing it from critics. Narrated by CEO Travis Kalanick, and drivers Clovis Barbosa and Aydin Caraca, the video illustrates how Uber isn’t just an app for getting rides—it’s actually improving city life.