HotBook, FaceStudio, HotFace

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So this was a pleasant surprise. Our incredibly talented friends at Hot Studio have been acquired by Facebook. You know, Facebook? Maybe you've heard of them...?  

We couldn't be happier for Hot Studio. They're an amazing company of people that we love working with (and drinking with), all while swapping ideas and jokes in the same breath. We're really excited to see where this takes both companies, and what this means for a titan like Facebook. These two are going to cook up something awesome, like a design gumbo for y'alls palettes. Except this gumbo will change the way people live. Okay, I'm getting carried away here. We're just really excited.

Check out our video of CEO & Founder Maria Giudice discussing Hot's mission and what drives them. This is one of the nine pieces we created for Hot Studio about their Leadership team (which has grown significantly since we finished these!).