It's All Happening!

We went on our first Company Retreat, up in beautiful Lake Tahoe. We mounted our sleds, snowboards, and skis... then crashed into things. Like, every-thing. Chris even ran into a tree (He's fine. Kinda). Here's proof:

Besides nursing our wounds and egos, we had some drinks and even managed to get some accounting done (I know, we're CRAZY!). All in all, a fantastic trip.

Before that, we were cranking away at our ambitious music video for Sister Crayon. We're talking ash falling from handmade rigs, fog, dry ice, costumes made from scratch, SFX makeup... We're still dusting off volcanic ash off our clothes, but it was worth it. We had an amazing crew working long hours with us, all dedicated to making something awesome for the sake of making something awesome.

SC's Terra Lopez gets lost in the fog. 

HUGE, HUGE THANKS TO YOU GUYS. So inspiring and incredible to work with eager, smiling folks-- even when they're covered in dust from head to toe. Thanks to Terra & Dani from Sister Crayon. And special thanks to our amazing sponsors: the band's new label, Fake Four, and Official, a rad clothing line from Sacramento. 

Alright, back to work. Off to making more crazy projects with more amazing people.


French Press Films