San Francisco! Four Year Anniversary!

We've invaded our office at 1244 Sutter. A couple of the new neighbors have already complained about us being loud. There are snacks everywhere. 

We're putting the finishing touches on our video for Sister Crayon (we promise it'll be done soon), producers from Google and Samsung have already stopped by to work on projects, we're shooting a couple of series for Healthline Networks, and now we're shooting projects for the Gap. Everyday is basically like this:

Everyone always asks, "How many projects can you take on at once?" And we really don't have an answer. It's because we've worked hard to have an awesome network of creative, professional folks who not only make amazing shit, but are down to get a beer. Or come by the office and just hang out. 

2013 marks four years of French Press Films being a company. Four years of meeting people, making things, and making up songs about Dads. A million cups of coffee, a million burritos off a truck in a shady alley at 3 am. We started out by working in our living rooms, all crouched around one laptop, and driving our roommates crazy. Now we're in a thriving, bustling office, working on tons of projects, and driving our roommates crazy. 

This year has already been insane. Keep it coming.