Internal Combustion

We are stoked with our interns here at French Press. They do everything from watering the plants to organizing the production gear. Not only do they help around the office, they act as production assistants on set whenever we can schedule them on a shoot and we include them in meetings and brainstorming sessions and try to give them a well-rounded experience that is mutually beneficial. They come from UC Berkeley, SF State, and community colleges or from the mean streets of SF and Oakland.

French Press interns have a pretty awesome track record. They've been hired as employees (Shirley Wen and Peter Jacques), continued working independently with contacts made here or started production companies of their own! This coming Spring we will be looking for our next batch of full-metal ninjas. For now, we leave you with a short list of interns, past and present…

Vanessa Landin
Currently interning at French Press, Vanessa is the word “chill” personified…until there is a job to do. Then she launches into it and makes sure it is done right. She is also an actor and a massage therapist.

Max Maddox
Another current intern at French Press, Max is a student at SFSU and rides a sick vintage motorcycle. He is a filmmaker in his own right, having produced and directed the documentary Taxi 2.0.


Aviel Ballo
Avi came to us in the Spring of 2014 via UC Berkeley and he is finishing up his own feature film which we hope to screen here sometime if he lets us. (Avi, we swear, you won’t have to work the door!)


Ricky Coen
Ricky was another Spring ’14 intern. This Petaluma resident puts in more driving hours than anyone I know. A thoughtful and trustworthy assistant, he continues to PA on his own as he goes to school and embarks on his next chapter.

Brennan King
Another intern at FPF who has gone on to do his own thing, Brennan is co-founder and producer at Four Times Films. He is now officially "the competition" but we love him. <3 <3


Jarod Taber
Young Mr. Taber was a fixture back in 2013 who worked on Taxi 2.0 with Max and was a big photographer of skate videos and an editor to boot. A gig with VICE magazine took him to Brooklyn, New York where he recently did this awesome music video for Tangled Heart by Sub Pop artists, Luluc.