Meet the Team!

Throughout the five years we've been French Press Films, the company has gone from three smelly dudes working out of bedrooms and kitchens to three smelly dudes with a team of creative asskickers making awesome stuff. We haven't quite had the opportunity to introduce them yet, so here you go:


Maggie Hebron (Account Manager) joined French Press in 2012. We met Maggie during her visit to the Bay Area from her hometown of Bozeman, Montana. Then she moved all the way out here to work with us.

Maggie is usually the first voice you'll hear while we're working on a project together. Which is lucky for you, because the founders only communicate through grunts and guttural screams. 


Shirley Wen (Editor) has also been with us since 2012. Shirley started as an intern, then worked her way up to Assistant Editor, and now she's a full-fledged editor in a dark, dark room downstairs. We liked her before we even met her, when she sent us a really funny animation she made for school. Shirley is an extremely focused machine when she's staring at timelines and hours upon hours of footage, even when we try to show her some of our new interpretative dances. All we want is your approval, Shirley.


Peter Jacques (Director of Operations) is the latest member of the French Press team and we are so, so happy to have him aboard.

Peter previously worked with Hot Studio as an Office Manager / Doer of Everything Amazing and since joining us he's shaped FPF HQ from "the place full of empty bags of chips" to a real creative workspace. If every person who joins our team takes us to the next level, then Peter is like a warp zone. 


We can't thank these guys enough for being a part of our team and can't wait to see where the next five years take us.