Phil Bowen: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cameras, or Avoiding the Bite Me Factor

This episode features Phil Bowen, a long time AC (assistant camera) in the Bay Area. He's worked on everything from Hunt For Red October to Pirates of the Caribbean and has also taught production. We had the pleasure of talking with him about a very important topic: what an AC actually does. We talk about other stuff too, because Phil is an amazing storyteller with a great deal of experience and an inspiring love of filmmaking. Enjoy!

Joe Mendoza: Fish Tanks and Photons

Why We Do This - Episode 13

This episode features Joe Mendoza, long time Gaffer and co-owner of Little Giant Lighting & Grip. We talk to Joe about the Bay Area community of filmmakers and the projects that interest him, as well as Little Giant's "brand" and how he thinks about the balancing act between being a working gaffer as well as a business owner. Additionally, this episode sets a mark for a new format, and a little more from the French Press madness. Enjoy!

Check out Joe Mendoza here:
Check out Little Giant here:

Lauren Clifford: Taking the Leap

Lauren is an awesome filmmaker that has worked on many a commercial production as well as art and dance films. We had some fun talking a little East meets West, art meets commerce, and why it’s important to grow and learn as a person in this industry. LISTEN! 

Here's a little piece we worked on together for FEMA and AdCouncil, called “We Prepare Everyday”: