Will Abramson: Curating What Matters

Will Abramson from Yours Truly stopped in by way of internet to get some real talk going with us. We discuss how to curating work that is meaningful, how Yours Truly has evolved as a production company and as a group of artists, and a little bit about the difference between the work that pays and the work that is our passion. It's a really inspiring episode for us because we don't often get to commiserate with other production companies. We hope you enjoy!


Here's a piece we made with Yours Truly back in the day featuring Little Dragon:


Winnie Wong: Going Back to the Moment

This episode features Winnie Wong, a producer who has worked both in freelance as well as in the corporate arena, currently working at Pandora. We talk briefly about the differences she's seen between the freelance and corporate producing, but quickly this conversation shifts to the love of film, what drives Winnie’s work, and what inspired her to go down the path of filmmaking. Enjoy!

Winnie will be on a panel at the SF Urban Film Fest for a Q&A following the screening of an episode for the PBS project, "The Day One in the American City" (Friday Nov. 18). Check it out!


Mark Kohr: Anatomy of a Music Video

This episode is particularly special for us: Mark Kohr joins us!

Mark has directed a huge list of amazing music videos, including many that we grew up with in the 90s—Green Day videos, Primus videos, etc. He stood along side Spike Jonze, David Fincher, Mark Romanek, and many others repped at Propaganda Films to set the standard a new standard for what a music video could be. And today he talks to us about his process, and ideas around creativity.

We're super excited to have him on the show!

We met Mark by helping out on this video, shot by Jesse Dana:

See more of Mark's work here: http://markkohr.com/


Vincent Cortez: Taking the Unconventional Route

This episode features Vincent Cortez, a long-time friend, director and jack-of-all-trades. We focus a lot on philosophy in this episode, as Vincent talks to us about his process as a director and a storyteller, what projects that interest him, and how he lives his life as a filmmaker with his family.

See Vincent's work here: mitchellstreetpictures.com

Following that, enjoy a longer epilogue of madness as we ramble about the Candyman, breakfast cocktails, and alternative super villain origins.