A 'Sneak Peak' w/ FitStar

At French Press, we’ve begun to see a new category of corporate video emerge in our pipeline. We’re anecdotally calling it the ‘Sneak Peak’. 

As it stands now, ‘Sneak Peak’ stands for a company that wants to accomplish two goals with one story:

1) Launch a new product, service, or announcement

2) Offer an insider's look into their company culture

We’ve found that the ‘Sneak Peak’ is a really fun way to help companies justify spending their marketing dollars, while allowing us to humanize the company for its users. 

Users will always care about the latest and greatest from companies they care about, but these feature and release announcements won’t satiate forever. A company HAS to begin to show WHY they care about solving the problem they believe their users have and, also, why their company has the RIGHT stuff to deserve their customers dollars / attention over the long haul.

The ‘Sneak Peak’ has started to show that there is both the rhyme and reason to invest in this sort of announcement / launch / culture story.

FitStar is both a unique and valuable new entry to the fitness content space. Mike Maser and his team had created a very helpful and addictive (in the best way possible) workout application for the iPad last year, but it was clear that an iPhone application was required for their continued success.

Mike consulted with us to work out this new type of video for FitStar’s iPhone release and to begin showing their users who they were and why they were the right team to solve the fitness content and motivation issue for good.

We worked alongside Mike and Filament Labs, a full service creative agency in Toronto, for roughly a month to tailor both an aesthetic and a message that would help them launch and humanize their company at the same time. 

Behind the scenes at FitStar

Their redesign and new product are both phenomenal…we’re also pretty stoked on the story we helped craft and create for them as well.

We’re working on a few more of these ‘Sneak Peak’ videos and are happy to help you work on yours as well.

Just hit us up and we’d be happy to help. 


Also, make sure to check out FitStar and get your butt in shape!


or, download it now at:

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